Chairman Speak
“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”
– John C. Maxwell
“The strength of the developed world today is in its excellence in academics and the resultant creativity. Pursuit and relentless search for excellence is our Motto. We ensure to deliver high quality care to the children in our Pre-Schools and continue to grow, providing new Pre-Schools and career opportunities.
My current role wins every time when it comes to job satisfaction and working with a superb, highly motivated team. With CREDO JOY we have attempted to build a Pre-School with tender care, love and affection.
Good luck and God bless!”

Chairman Credo World School
Director DPS Megacity (Kolkata)
Director DPS Domjur (Howrah)

Anuj Agarwal

Details of HM

Ms. Kumudini Mali

DIE, PTTC, Diploma in Pre School Management

Ms. Mamta Doshi

B.Com, ECCD, Phonics Certifide, Diploma in Pre School Management

Details of Teacher’s

Ms. Anumita Derhgawen


Ms. Sheeba Suryawanshi


Ms. Leena Mestry


Ms. Shraddha Sonawane


Details of Admin Staff

Ms. Dipali Aswale in Accouting and Finance

Ms.Amita Baranwal