Entering the World of Learning

“Education is a means of liberty in a prepared environment which creates independence and self-direction.”
All the architectural features have an obvious purpose to promote independent movement from one learning Zone to another. A great deal of attention has also been paid to elements such as light and colour which recognises the common challenges of sensory processing. Our school offers a safe, friendly and stimulating environment in which children are supported to learn, interact and have fun. We care highly about the right caregiver-child ratio. We greatly emphasize the need for hygiene, safety and cleanliness especially when young children spend most of their time with us.

We emphasize on recruitments of the staff as per norms. They undergo periodic trainings and self-evaluations. These evaluations are conducted in order to determine areas of excellence, training needs, and other benchmarks of teacher quality. Our curriculum team and educational resources work together in a highly coordinated endeavour that opens the window of opportunity in overall development of the child. Assessment of children is an on-going process with Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation system We provide a settling/transition period to allow children to settle at their own pace and become comfortable in their new surroundings.