Parents have plenty of spontaneous stories to tell about daily extraordinary care that motivates our best service to each other and to the world.

  • Teachers are taking lot of efforts in the improvement of child. I have seen a lot of improvement in my son that credit goes to all teachers and supporting staff. Happy with activities performed in the school. Thank You to all teachers.

  • Parents of Viya Kudav

    Credo Joy has truly been an enriching experience for us as a family. It’s heartening to see your kid learn and grow in such a beautiful environment.
    From her first day of school to 6 months now, we have seen her become more social and is proactively learning new things.
    The teachers and staff have been doing an amazing job in taking care and channelizing her energy in right direction for which cant thank them enough.
    She looks forward to go to school every day and is happy to tell stories of what happened in school once she is back home in her own sweet way!

    Parents of Viya  Kudav

    Parents of Viya Kudav

  • Parents of Krishneil Shaw

    The planning and efforts of the Credo joy team in bringing overall development of a kid is highly appreciable.

    Parents of Krishneil Shaw

    Parents of Krishneil Shaw

  • Parents of Akifa Naseem Ali

    A sincere and innovative effort by the Credo Joy Panvel has been noticed by us during past few months of our Child in this play group School.

    I have found several new tools and techniques which enabled our child energetic and shaped.
    This centre is like blessing to Panvel Society which has many skilled , smiled, styled and confident teachers and trainers.
    I wish all the best to all of them

    Parents of Akifa Naseem Ali

    Parents of Akifa Naseem Ali

  • Parents of Anushka Dasgupta

    Anushka’s first year of CredoJoy are filled with many wondrous moments. We see a tremendous social, physical and emotional development in her. School may look like all fun and games but there are intense amount of brain work going. She is learning alphabets, numbers through play and creative activity and this is helping her to buildself-esteem.

    Developing important social skills is necessary before starting school. Pre-schoolers will learn how to share and cooperate, to work together and take turn, to participate in group activities and follow simple directions, and to communicate wants and need and that’s what I see my daughter learned in Credo Joy.

    Thanks to all teachers for their beautiful contribution towards our kids.

    Diptendu Dasgupta and Swapti Das(Anushka Dasgupta Parents)

    Parents of Anushka Dasgupta

    Parents of Anushka Dasgupta

  • Parents of Vihaan Singh

    “Our little son just started at “credo day care” about a month ago and we have had a great experience thus far. We feel safe & secure Knowing that our kid is in great hands. We love to hear daily abt the things that he is experiencing n learning.

    Thank you to all of the wonderful teachers & staff for taking care of my son.

    Thanks & Regards

    Kumar Singh and Kavya Singh (Vihaan Singh Parents)

    Parents of Vihaan Singh

    Parents of Vihaan Singh

  • Parents of Yashmit Suvarna

    The support of the teacher has been outstanding. They are willing to try new things and help my son grow and learn at his own pace. The teachers and the staff are very caring. They give my child more individualized attention. I am really thankful to the entire Credo Joy team for making my son love his school.

    Paresh Suvarna and Jyotsna Suvarna (Yashmit Suvarna Parents)

    Parents of Yashmit Suvarna

    Parents of Yashmit Suvarna

  • Parents of Hridhaan Nad

    Credo Joy Daycareis a very nice beginning to shape up my child’s future. Before learning books my child has become aware of doing things on his own which gives me satisfaction that he is going in the right path. He is also enjoying the day care session with lots of after school activity works, a nice caring touch from his teachers and homely feeling. I do really appreciate the festival celebrations, the colour specific days celebrations. Staffs are very loving, caring and sincere.


    Sagata Nad and Dona Nad(Hridhaan Nad Parents)

    Parents of Hridhaan Nad

    Parents of Hridhaan Nad

  • Parents of Rishita Bhat

    It’s an absolute delight to see the joy on our daughter’s face while she goes to school every day. Keep up the good work team.

    Thanks and Regards,

    ManjunathBhat and AaratiBhat (Rishita Bhat Parents)

    Parents of Rishita Bhat

    Parents of Rishita Bhat

  • Parents of Arjun Kalyankar

    To all the wonderful people at the CREDO JOY DPS Panvel.

    We really appreciate all the love the teachers have given to our son and for educating our child in his tender age. Your enthusiasm, sincerity and professionalism towards your work has gained our trust and has made us believe that enrolling our child to your institution was one of the best decisions we have ever made. As a parent what else do you want if your child is taken care of in such a lively and interesting environment where your child gets to learn new things at every step. To sum up I would like to say, We are very happy with the way things take place in CREDO JOY DPS.

    Keep up the good work. Long way to go. Cheers!

    Swapnil Kalyankar and Snehal Kalyankar (Arjun Kalyankar Parents)

    Parents of Arjun Kalyankar

    Parents of Arjun Kalyankar