How We Care

Parent Involvement

We have an open door policy for parents to visit our school during visiting hours. We are here to encourage and assist you in your task of parenting and thus appreciate your participation in order to make your child’s learning experience happy and an exciting one.

Communication is essential for building school-family partnerships. It is the foundation of family involvement in education.  We take all the effort to bridge the gap through:

Mobile App “ERP” for sharing highlights of activities in the class
Weekly notifications sent to parents
Informal evenings with the parents once per term
Workshops and Seminars conducted by leading practitioners and field experts
Review Meetings with parents on quarterly basis


Annual production performed on stage for stage exposure
Seasonal productions will be held around major local and national festivals.
Buddy Day programs to foster brotherhood and unity among children
Summer and winter camps for enhancement of skills
Sports trips to DPS Panvel and participation in annual sports day
Short day educational trips
Visits to DPS Panvel’s play area, swimming pool and garden to participate in various  physical activities and much more
Bi-Monthly Competitions